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Adultwork is the UK's biggest webcam and escort platform. The Adultwork platform allows both escorts and webcam performers to advertise their services. With thousands of daily visitors, Adultwork is the platform of choice if you are a webcam performer from the UK. Where most other similar websites focus around "free chat" (meaning you have to coax visitors into a paid chat), Adultwork focuses on "group chats" and "private chats", both of which mean that you get paid by the second. You can set your own price per minute for both group and private chats, making it a lucrative way to make money in a short space of time. So what ways can you make money on Adultwork?

Making money on Adultwork

Adultwork offers a versatile range of ways for you to make money on their platform. The following breakdown explains some of the most popular ways of making money on Adultwork:
> Web camming: By far the most popular means of earning money on Adultwork. You can have upto 10 visitors in your chat simultaneously (for 10x the earnings) or can instead offer an exclusive private chat with a single visitor, who you can charge more per minute for the privilege of having your undivided attention.
> Digital content: Adultwork allows you to sell single pictures, whole picture galleries, and videos that you have created. Upload your content to the Adultwork platform, and for a price that you set, visitors can access this content for a limited time. Digital content is a great way to supplement your earnings via web cam, as it takes very low effort, and you can still earn while you're offline.
> Used items: Yes, there's a market for selling your used items. Anything from panties, stockings, or your beat up old shoes. Just like selling digital content, this is a low effort way of making money, even while you're offline.
> Text messaging: Similar to web camming, you can send and receive texts to and from visitors, and you'll be paid for every text that you send. Texts go through the Adultwork system, so you never have to worry about visitors getting your phone number.
> Skype bookings: You can arrange a Skype booking through the Adultwork platform. After arranging a date and time with the client (and the client paying through the Adultwork system) you can perform a regular webcam show through Skype.
> Phone chat: Just like text messaging, but with speaking through the phone. You'll be paid per minute for phone chat, and once again, calls are routed through the Adultwork system, so callers won't be able to see your phone number.

Payments from Adultwork

Adultwork uses a credit system, which simply put means that 1 credit is equal to £1 before they deduct their various fees. You can read about their fees here. You will need to request a credit withdrawal before Adultwork deposits your money into your bank account, but know that you need to have a minimum of 150 credits in your account before you can withdraw your credits, and it will take three weeks before it arrives.
Daily Pay services exist as third parties within the Adultwork platform. Club Daily Pay is one such service, and we offer a range of additional services which you wouldn't otherwise receive on Adultwork. If you would like to receive daily payments, including same day payments, then you can register with Club Daily Pay here. We also offer Daily Payments on Streamate, Chaturbate, and ManyVids, and our minimum payout is just £10!