Working as a webcam model

Become a webcam model

Can I do webcam work?

Getting started as a webcam model has never been easier. With the huge number of webcam platforms and cam jobs available online, women from all backgrounds can make it working as a webcam girl. Some of the most common questions and comments we get from inexperienced cam girls (and even some girls who have worked previously as cam girls) are:
"Am I too old to work as a webcam girl?"
"I'm not a supermodel, can I still work as a cam girl?"
"I have no experience as a cam girl"
All of these questions come from a lack of confidence. Successful cam models don't worry about how old they are, their weight, or their looks. Knowing your audience is far more important to success than anything else. Taking into consideration these points, it is no surprise that we at Club Daily Pay have some incredibly successful webcam models who are 40+ years old, plus sized, or tgirls.

How do I become a webcam model?

There's literally hundreds, if not thousands of webcam platforms out there, however only a handful are actually worth your time. You want to find a cam site which offers not only a high payout, but also brings in plenty of visitors that will give you their money. Your location will also matter, for instance, if you live in the UK, a US based webcam site might cause problems when it comes to paying, as some deal in cheques, and the few that offer bank transfers will cost you fees. The requirements for becoming a webcam girl may vary slightly from cam site to cam site, however all webcam platforms really only require that you be at least 18 years old, have your own laptop/desktop computer, a stable broadband internet connection, ID, and usually some form of verification photo.

Where to work as a webcam girl?

Most of the biggest cam sites around have a free chat function, meaning that you'll mostly have "freeloaders" in your chatroom. These cam sites including MyFreeCams, StreamMate, and Chaturbate. For UK webcam models, Adultwork is the biggest and best around as they enjoy the most traffic and offer the highest pay outs. Working on Adultwork means that you get to set your own rates (in credits, the Adultwork currency), can send and receive messages to visitors, and can sell content (used items, pictures, and videos) through your profile. Adultwork does not use free chat, so you will be paid for every second you are in a chat.
One thing to bear in mind with Adultwork is that Adultwork payouts are every three weeks, and subject to around a £150 minimum payout. However, joining our Adultwork Group will allow you to receive your payments the following day with just a £10 minimum payout, at no cost.