Splitcamming for Cam Models


What is Splitcamming?

Splitcamming is very populair with camgirls. Split camming means your webcam feed is shown on multiple websites at once while only using 1 webcam. This means you can work on 2 websites at the same time! Working on 2 websites at the same time means you will earn more money without working more hours. All you have to do is download the free splitcam software, install it and double your income.

Why should I Splitcam?

Work smarter, not harder! As a webcam girl on Adultwork you use JCI (direct cam) software. You are probably already browsing the internet or doing other things on your laptop or desktop inbetween chats. So why not spend the time inbetween chats being in another paid chat on Twero? Have Twero open in your browser and have the JCI software open in the background. You can even have two paid chats on both Adultwork and Twero at the same time when you are split camming! These two websites are perfect for splitcamming because there is no free chat. All Club Daily Pay members receive free daily pay on Twero and Adultwork. Earnings for both websites get grouped into 1 payment.

How do I splitcam?

ManyCam is the most used software for splitcamming and it is free to download! So, how does ManyCam work?
1. Download and install ManyCam on your laptop or desktop.
2. Connect your webcam to your laptop/desktop and make sure it is switched on.
3. Open ManyCam and click on the video tab on the top left.
4. Now click on the sources tab and select your webcam as the video source. You should now be able to see yourself on the video tab.
5. Click on the "effects" source and click on "text over video", untick the ManyCam logo box so ManyCam does not put their logo on your videofeed. You can also use this feature to watermark your webcam with your username. Please bear in mind that if you splitcam and want to watermark your webcam you should use the same usernames across all websites you work on.
6. You can now login to the websites you want to splitcam on.
7. If the website(s) you used saved your webcam settings it will not be able to find your webcam when using ManyCam because the video source has now changed from your webcam to ManyCam. All you have to do is right click the black camming square and select "ManyCam" as your new video source. Some websites require you to do this under their "settings" menu.
8. You can now splitcam and double your earnings!

Record your shows on ManyCam

Don't want to splitcam? Using ManyCam can still help you earn more money! ManyCam gives you the option to record your webcam, even if you just decide to work on one website. Click the "studio pro" tab on ManyCam and you can record your own webcam feed. You can then cut and edit this video into little video clips and sell them as videos on Adultwork or Twero. If it's a slow day, editing videos in between chats will still make you lots of money all year round.