Make passive income through adultwork

Generating passive income

What is passive income?

Passive income refers to any money (credits) that you make while you are not actively "making" them. For instance, when you are on webcam, you are "doing something" to earn those credits, which is called active income. However if you uploaded a video to your Adultwork profile, everytime a visitor pays to view that video, you earn credits, and the customer can enjoy that content without you needing to be present. That is passive income, and it is a great way to generate additional income with little to no effort, and is something that we at Club Daily Pay greatly encourage, because 1. hey it's extra money, and 2. there are less Adultwork fees associated with these sorts of sales, meaning you get to keep more of your money.

So how do I do it?

The easiest way to generated passive income on Adultwork is by uploading digital content to your profile. This includes pictures, typically organised into albums in your private photo gallery, and videos. Just like with webcam services, you can choose how many credits you want to charge for your digital content. When choosing the cost you should consider a few factors. When it comes to video, the length of the video will obviously increase the price, but so can the content. For instance, if you are performing very niche actions within the video (such as fetish stuff) you can ask a lot more than normal for the video. You can apply the same logic to your private gallery. The larger the photo album, as well as the content of the album can increase the value (meaning you can charge more credits). So now you know how to earn money on Adultwork without even being online!

How does this affect my daily pay?

Any earnings made passively (from photo and video sales) is treated as normal. Meaning, even if you haven't been on webcam all week, but visitors are buying access to view your photos and videos on Adultwork, we will still pay you the following day. What's more, there are less Adultwork fees on digital content, meaning you get to keep more of your credits. If you have any questions regarding making passive income on Adultwork, you can contact us with your questions. If you're already on Adultwork and are tired of waiting 3 weeks to receive your payments, or are new to Adultwork and want to receive daily payments, you can join us.