How to join Daily Pay

How to Join Daily Pay

What is Daily Pay?

Daily Pay Services exist to offer you a faster rate of pay than you would normally receive when working on a webcam platform as an independent model. For instance, websites like Adultwork will only transfer your earnings to your bank account (or another chosen payment method) roughly 2-3 weeks after you have requested it. Other cam platforms such as Streamate and Chaturbate will have similar hang ups, including minimum payouts or even costs associated with requesting your payment. Obviously for many of us this isn't ideal, as for one reason or another we want (or need) access to the money we've worked for as soon as possible. That's where Daily Pay Services such as Club Daily Pay come in.

Which websites do you pay daily?

Club Daily Pay offers our daily payment service on some of the biggest webcam and content sales plaforms including Adultwork, Streamate, Chaturbate, and ManyVids. There are several benefits to joining our Daily Pay Service over working independently on your platform of choice. The main benefit is of course daily pay. You'll no longer need to wait the 2-4 week waiting period to receive your funds from whichever cam platform(s) you have been working on, now your earnings will arrive in your bank acount before 8am the following morning. Not only that, but the minimum payout will be much lower. All you need for a payout is just £10, whereas cam platforms such as Adultwork require you having 150 credits (around £90) in your account before you can request a payout.
If you would like to receive daily payments on a website that we currently don't offer, simply let us know and we'll soon have the service up and running.

How do I join Daily Pay?

The fastest as easiest way to sign up for our Daily Pay Service is by heading over to our Registration Page and filling out the form. We typically reply to your messages within 1-2 hours. If you already have an account on Adultwork, ManyVids, or Chaturbate, you can be added to our Group within just a few minutes. If you don't already have an account on any cam websites, we can help expediate your registration.
We can guarantee being the fastest paying Daily Pay Service around. Not only that, but we're a friendly bunch, we know our members (you're not just an entry in a database with us) so if you need any help, tips, or advice, you can contact us via our Adultwork Group Page or send us a message via our Contact Form.