How much do webcam models earn?

How much do webcam models earn?

Starting as a webcam model

Webcam modelling can seem quite intimidating, especially if you are new to the world of webcam work. Plenty of "veteran" cam girls still get bouts of anxiety before logging in to their chat room, but that will all go away. Webcamming is becoming more popular by the year, especially with pretty much everyone having access to high speed internet connections and at least one device which will allow them to access a cam model's chat room.

If you are a new cam girl, or you are thinking of starting out as a cam girl, there has never been a time to do it. There are literally hundreds of websites that allow you to broadcast yourself on cam, as well as make additional money on the side from selling digital and physical content, which I will explain later.

How much do I make as a webcam model?

Cam sites from Myfreecams, to Chaturbate, to Adultwork will allow you to earn a living as a cam model, if you have the drive to make it work. If you are a cam model from the UK (which most of our girls are), then the best option available to you is Adultwork. Adultwork allows you to work with a paid chat mode only, whereas American based websites such as Myfreecams and Chaturbate will have your chatroom public, meaning your earnings are at the mercy of visitors tipping you credits.

Adultwork doesn't limit you to just selling yourself on cam. With Adultwork, you can sell digital content such as private galleries full of pictures, videos, and even physical items such as used clothing. What you earn from each bit of content will vary, but we've written an earnings breakdown in a previous blog to help you along.

Adultwork Daily Pay Service

Cam models who sign up with Adultwork will quickly realise that there are a few caveats to receiving your money from Adultwork. Adultwork will require that you accumulate around 150 credits (the Adultwork currency before Adultwork fees), and even then, it will take around 3 weeks to receive your payment. There plenty of Adultwork daily pay services around, such as Club Daily Pay, and each has their own way to doing things.

Club Daily Pay doesn't ask that you make at least 150 credits before you can receive your earnings. All you need to receive a payout from Club Daily Pay is a minimum of just £10. Not only that, but you will receive your Adultwork earnings the following day. This includes all earnings, from cam chats, picture sales, tips, and physical items sold. You can register with Club Daily Pay here.